‘Terrestrial/Satellite’ is a new body of work that explores contact between civilization and a dynamic planet. Beginning as a study of digital spaces, the work evolved into considering the physical components of technology, particularly seeing it as an extension of the geological world. Digital space is created from a combination of geological matter gathered and changed to produce an ephemeral place. Materials quarried from, and cables grounded in the Earth’s surface transmit a fabricated world, invisible & present. Using CGI of primordial objects the colour, texture, form & spatial positions are re-mixed between these worlds.

Opening Hours:

27th April – 13th May

Wed. – Sun.

12 – 6pm

Open Call – 126 Annual Members Show

We are now accepting submissions for our annual members show. This year we are looking for work that is spiritual and uplifting.
As always you need to be a member to apply. You may become e member or renew your membership via our member ship tab. All work can be submitted via email to contactg126@gmail.com! Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you all.

4.48 Psychosis

4.48 Psychosis | 16th-21st April

Tickets available at Town Hall Theatre Galway.

Written by Sarah Kane | Performed by Aoife Delany Reade & Anna Doyle| Directed by Kieron A Smith

Recalling Familiar Entities

126 Gallery in association with Basic Space Dublin is delighted to present Recalling Familiar Entities with work by Ali Kirby and Conor O’Sullivan.

Recalling Familiar Entities will be made up of sculptural materials, forms and imagery, responding to the architectural, the prosaic, and the everyday.

The exhibition will bring together a group of work that will address the performativity of object, formally reducing them to the point where their pragmatic nature is dismissed. The materiality of these works will exist in flux. Materials and forms that were once useful will be reworked into objects that examine how the identity of an object can become blurred and physical language altered.

Exemplifying minimalism’s concern with site, Recalling Familiar Entities looks to the uncanny eeriness of global architecture and the ubiquity of neoliberal fantasy cities. The pedestrian spectacle of LED displays and consumer packaging as unactivated monuments demonstrating the difficult relationship between calculation, function, and identity.

Friday 16th March – Sunday 1st April

Opening Hours: 12 – 6  Wed – Sun