Exhibitions 2018



Collaborative project between Western Carolina University School of Art and Design and the chosen Artists of 126 Members.

126 Gallery has been working side by side with the university to provide residency opportunities and international exhibitions for our members. This exhibition is the result of our exchange with the artists of Western Carolina to exhibit in Ireland, and our selected members will in turn have their work exhibited in America.

Join us for the opening night Friday 26th of Jan to see a wide array of art disciplines and enjoy the light refreshments provided.

WCU Artists:
Chelsea Dobert-Kehn
Jon Jicha
Lauren A. Medford
Javier Fox
Raymond Baccari
Sara Method
David Skinner
James K Kirkpatrick
Donald Sawyer
Matt Hellgeth
Morgan Kennedy
Zachary Rogers
Greg McPherson
Brendan Best
Kylie Price
Susan Alta Martin
Tom Ashcraft
Matt Liddle
Richard Tichich Martha Neaves

126 Artists:

Aran Crotty
Noelle gallagher
Paul Kearney
Breda Lynch
Evgenia Martirosyan
Ricí Ní Chleirigh
Seán O’Riordan
Shane O’Malley
Sarah Lundy










A new body of work that explores contact between civilization and a dynamic planet. Beginning as a study of digital spaces, the work evolved into considering the physical components of technology, particularly seeing it as an extension of the geological world. Digital space is created from a combination of geological matter gathered and changed to produce an ephemeral place. Materials quarried from, and cables grounded in the Earth’s surface transmit a fabricated world, invisible & present. Using CGI of primordial objects the colour, texture, form & spatial positions are re-mixed between these worlds.










‘BEYOND’ – Annual Members Show

Each year 126 puts out an open call for all our members to apply. This year we asked artists to respond to the theme of ‘Spiritual and uplifting’.

Sara Dowling, Tory Irvine, Anne Marie Deacy, Samir Rana, Gala Tomasso, Amanda Jane Graham, Ruth O’Hagan, Austin Ivers, Tom Mc Lean, Sara Pecanic, Hugh Murphy, Laura Poff, Marlene Dahl, Barbara Dunne, Jason Dunne, Emily Lohan, Steve Cannon












Ronnie Hughes, Evgeniya Martirosyan

Evgenyia Martirosyan’s current body of work stems from her interest in modern science and philosophy and represents an intuitive response to concepts of time, matter, chaos and transformation. The latest developments in science are raising many philosophical questions and are revealing something about the nature of reality that might elude purely scientific explanation. Working with elemental materials and using a broad range of techniques, she explores the poetic possibilities of the fluid and constantly shifting state of things. Martirosyan investigates materials and effects that have a problematic or hesitant quality: ice (frost), water, air, light and foam. Transient organic matter is framed and contrasted by structures made out of rigid materials like metal and plastic. The artist uses repurposed industrial mechanisms, such as refrigeration and compression units, to activate the work initiating processes of growth and change. Evgeniya Martirosyan has been awarded the Tactic/Sample Studios Graduate Residency and the National Sculpture Factory Graduate Residency 2016/2017. She has also be awarded the Eli Lilly Purchase prize, Lavit Gallery Fledglings exhibition award and Cork Film Centre exhibition award.

Ronnie Hughes’ is one of Ireland’s leading abstract artists. His paintings and drawings demonstrate his interest in corrupting grids, energy fields and patterns to set up an expectation, and then thwart it somehow. Hughes seeks to arrest the work at a tenuous moment and likes when the work seems to hover on the brink of collapse – like chaos has been temporarily held in check, a main theme throughout his vast body of work. Born in Belfast in 1965, Ronnie Hughes studied at the University of Ulster, receiving an MA in Fine Art in 1989. Hughes is now based in Sligo, has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout Ireland, and has participated in group exhibitions worldwide. He has received several awards including a one-year residency in New York (PS1, 1990) and three-month residencies at Banff Arts Centre, Canada (1994) and Bemis Arts Centre, Nebraska (1997). Represented by the Rubicon Gallery, Dublin, his work is held in many public and corporate collections including both Irish Arts Councils and the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Stephan Roche is a freelance Curator and practising Fine Artist from Limerick and based in Galway. With a BA in Fine Art Painting and MA in The History of Art and Architecture he has worked in various roles including the Education Dept. at The Hunt Museum Limerick, as an Exhibitions Assistant for Galway Arts Centre, Acting Curator of Renmore Barracks Military Museum Galway, and was recently Chair of the Board of Directors at 126 Artist Run Gallery.