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Internship Opportunity

Every year, 126 welcomes 6 interns to its Internship programme. Every year the interns will work along 126 board of directors and group curate the final show of  the year here at 126, gaining first hand experience in the activities carried out in an artist-run space.

Open Call 2017

126 is delighted to announce an open call to all graduates who wish to participate in the 2017 Internship programme. Six interns will be selected for a six month internship running from July to December 2017. The interns will be mentored by the board members and will gain experience in all aspects of running the gallery including: fundraising, curation, marketing, archiving, web design and arts administration. The internship culminates in a project, exhibition or event to be developed and curated by the interns under the mentorship of the 126 board and to take place in the Hidden Valley gallery in December.

Please include a CV and images of recent work (max. 10) and a letter of interest (max 350 words), which should include your expectations for the project in one Pdf document.

Applications should be emailed to: contact@126gallery.com Please subject line: “Internship Programme 2017” in your email.

The deadline for applications is July 1st 2017.  Successful candidates will be notified by Thursday 6th of July and the internship will begin on Saturday 15th of July. The first month of the programme is an induction period to allow the interns to settle into the gallery and into Galway. However the Galway International Arts Festival runs from the 17th – 30th July and is a great opportunity to immediately become involved in the work of the gallery.

Please note that internship at 126 is not a prerequisite for becoming a board member. Applications to become board members from all artists, including recent graduates, are welcomed throughout the year.

Any inquires please contact internship coordinator Connor Robertson by emailing: contactg@126gallery.com

2015 interns:

In July 2015, 126 took on six interns from NCAD,GMIT,IADT and LSAD. These Interns were Cliodhna Timoney, Blaithin Hughes, Ellen Egan, Benny Finnerty, Amber Baruch and Deirdre Fenney. This internship resulted in the two man show ‘All Our Future Conversations’ featuring Gemma Fitzpatrick and Lisa Freeman in December 2015.

Amber Baruch
‘I graduated from NCAD in 2014 with a degree in Fine Art. I specialised in Printmaking however, my focus shifted to photography in the last year of my degree. The series of photographs for my graduate show explored the intricacies of family relationships and the intangible practice of interchangeably covering and revealing aspects of ones personality.’
Bláihin Hughes

‘I am from Cootehill, Co.Cavan. I have just finished my degree in Fine Art/Sculpture in CCAM, here in Galway. My work is inspired by the struggle I have had with a skin condition; psoriasis. The main materials explored through my work are: soap, latex and turmeric.’

Brendan Finnerty

‘I grew up in county galway and I just graduated from Lsad with a bachelors in sculpture combined media. I would not really see myself as a photographer, just an artist that uses an image to present an idea or propose a question to the audience. I am interested in manipulating darkness with light and by the dualistic nature of reality that this relationship presents.’

Cliodhna Timoney

‘I am from Donegal and have recently graduated from Visual Arts Practice in IADT. My practice is primarily the investigation of painting, drawing and materiality. Drawing is key to the work; it is used as a method of gathering data and information allowing the objects to evolve from this and vice versa. I respond to the history of painting and mark-making through an abstract vocabulary aspiring to create objects that have a quality of spontaneity, anxiety and incompleteness within them.’

Deirdre May Feeney

‘I grew up and still live in the West of Ireland and I find inspiration from the landscape which has a particular personal attraction – where the light changes dramatically, particularly during the winter months. Despite these moody changes, certain calmness can be experienced. I have produced a selection of artwork from on-site drawings, paintings and photography which have been digitally printed to create fabrics for fashion.’

Ellen Egan

‘As much as I enjoy traditional methods of printmaking, my practice has moved onto more installation work, but printmaking has always been a key element to my thought process. My practice involves creating a sensory experience for viewers to voluntarily walk through a threshold and experience it for themselves. The theme and content is based on people with various mental illnesses and their relation to creativity, how everyone may perceive things differently, and exploring the fine line between madness and genius.’

Internship Researcher

This year, 126 is pleased to welcome final year Fine Art student Susan Wynne as the project researcher. We hope her documentation will help us to appraise the internship we offer to make sire it is of the best benefit to graduates looking for curatorial experience in an artist-led organisation.

Susan Wynne

‘ I’m a final year Fine Art student in GMIT CCAM. My practice is based predominantly around printmaking and sculptural elements with a significant interest in curatorial process and critical thinking. I have the pleasure of working with the 126 and the interns participating in the Internship Programme this year. My research will document the entire process with a view to compiling my thesis on contemporary curation in artist-led organisations and creating an archive.’

Interns 2014

In June 2014, 126 launched an internship programme in partnership with GMIT’s Centre for Creative Arts & Media. The internship was awarded to recent graduates of GMIT CCAM who formed a new venture, Itsa Collective while in final year of college. Itsa Collective explores the visual language of film, media, history, culture and the unreality of our contemporary world and attempts the exploration of an uncertain narrative through cultural, social, and philosophical constructs. For their internship exhibition in December 2014, Itsa Collective presented SYNERGY in which they featured the work of all members of the collective and published their first publication, which both represented Itsa’s interest in interdisciplinary practice and allowed for an additional engagement with the exhibition.