10th Annual Members’ Show – ‘Brainchild’

Our annual member’s show celebrates our members, without whom we could not operate. As part of 126 Gallery’s wider project, ‘Blow-Ins’, we seek to forge connections through collaborative efforts. ‘brainchild’ will also be exhibited at Western Carolina University, North Carolina later this year. 126 will also play host to a WCU artist for a month-long residency at the gallery and will exhibit their Members’ Show in Galway.

126 team were delighted to offer our members the chance to exhibit internationally in 2017 with an award-winning facility. The museum is known for its strong academic and contemporary art exhibition program. Its mission is to serve as a cultural catalyst, showcasing innovation. This being the starting point for ‘brainchild’: some of the most respected artists in history were innovators and through developing new techniques and new styles, they were able to enhance art by making the expression easier, clearer, or more recognizable. 

126 are also offering one of our members, chosen from the exhibiting artists, a month-long residency in North Carolina in October 2017. This will be announced on May 7th, the final day of ‘brainchild’. The facility, situated in the lush Cullowhee Valley, the site of several early Cherokee settlements, features numerous Cherokee inspired design elements and bilingual signage throughout the facility. Galway (aka The ‘City of Tribes’) is also known for its scenery, history, and ‘Tribes’, and was designated Ireland’s first Bilingual city in May 2015 so this connection feels incredibly apt.