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Board of Directors:

Members of the board of directors serve up to two years at 126 Artist-Run-Gallery. They are professional creatives who give their time for free to keep the exhibition space open, to plan and deliver diverse and exciting programmes year in and year out. Democracy is fundamental to the way the Board of Directors operates. Your current board of directors are:

Simon Fennessy Corcoran - Chair of The Board of Directors

Corcoran is a curator & visual artist. Corcoran graduated from Sculpture and Combined Media (BA) with Limerick School of Art and Design (L.S.A.D) in 2015 and in 2018 graduated from an MA through Curatorial Research, for which he was the fifth recipient of the Shinnors Scholarship based in Limerick City Gallery of Art and L.S.A.D. Corcoran has extensive experience in curation with exhibitions such as "Known Unknowns" 2017 and "Plinth" project 2015-17. He is also an active artist.

Emma Zukovič - Studio Manager | Head Technician

Emma is a visual artist, graduating LSAD with a B.A. (honours) in fine art Printmaking and Contemporary Practice. Emma joined the board after a six-month internship with 126. Emma is also an award-winning artist who has exhibited internationally.

Sarah Keenan - College Liaison | Internship Coordinator

Sarah is a visual artist based in Galway, after joining 126 originally as part of our 6-month internship programme she became a board member.

Meadhbh McNutt - Social Media | Marketing

Meadhbh McNutt is an Irish artist and writer. Her practice revolves around ideas of voyeurism, technology and power – particularly in the photographic image. A regular contributor to Tank Magazine, Meadhbh has published work with Rowman & Littlefield, Circa Art Magazine and Above the Fold. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Poland and Hong Kong.

Morgan Madison - Secretary | Archive/Documentation

Morgan is a visual artist and writer from St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A., now living in Co. Clare, Ireland. She works primarily in photography and drawing and is interested in the concepts of time and entropy. In 2016, she graduated with a B.A. high distinction from the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities. In April 2019, she will be graduating with a MFA in Studio Art from the Burren College of Art. As of March 2019 she joined the Board of Directors at 126, Artist-Run-Gallery.

Advisory Board


The advisory board maintains the long-term memory of 126 gallery. As well as advising the Board of Directors on a range of issues, they actively advocate for the gallery to support its work.

  • Gavin Murphy – Lecturer GMIT Centre for Creative Arts & Media
  • Áine Phillips – Performance Artist, Lecturer Burren College of Art
  • Conor McGrady – Dean of the Burren College of Art
  • Dominic Thorpe – Artist, Curator, Visual Art Consultant and Facilitator.
  • Tom Flanagan – Ex 126 Board Member and Visual Artist
  • Victoria Smith – Ex 126 Chairperson and Visual Artist


In June 2014, 126 launched an internship programme in partnership with GMIT’s Centre for Creative Arts & Media. The internship is awarded to recent graduates who apply through an open call and runs for six months every year. Those selected have the opportunity to take on tasks and learn new skills, they then have the task of curating an exhibition in the 126 Gallery at the end of the internship.