“Affordable Art, Christmas Market” Fundraiser

126 needs your help!!! As many of you know 126 is a not for Profit voluntary run organisation which aims to support and provide professional opportunities to our members. Every year we must fundraise for up to 14,000 to cover just the core costs of running the gallery from electricity and heat to repairs/upgrades and rent. This Christmas we invite our generous members to take part once again in 126’s week-long “Affordable Art, Christmas Market” from December 14th to 23rd. The idea is to submit works of various scale no larger than 50cm x 50cm, so make something new or use an old piece. The Market will be anonymous and therefor it will only be revealed who the artist is once the piece has been sold.

There are a few ways our members can support the fundraiser:

1) donate a piece to 126,

2) donate the piece and allow 126 to split the sale 50/50 or

3) pay a €10 handling fee per piece and if sold 126 will not take any commission.

We believe this will allow all our members at every stage or circumstance to take part and hopefully make some money this Christmas. There is a cap of €100 on the price of all work. You may also submit up to 3 pieces. All sold works will be paid for and taken by the buyer at time of purchase.

We would be forever grateful to all those who take part, without our members 126 would not exist. When so many artist lead spaces which kicked off in the early 2000’s have over the years been forced to close or give up their premises’, 126 because of its members remains and in fact is stronger than ever. But like most arts organisations in Ireland we forever hang by a thread and it is fundraising events like this which allow us to keep the doors open.

Please send the work to 126 Artist run Gallery, 15 Saint Bridgets, Place Galway City,

Include in the postage Title, Artist name, Price, and which of the three options outlined above you wish to take, all work must be delivered on two drop days, December 10th and 11th, any work being posted should be securely wrapped and posted no later than December 6th to allow time to arrive and be hung. If choosing option 3 please pay the handling fee via the donate option on the website before delivery of work and notify 126 or if personally delivering work at the drop days bring it along then.

There will be “Gammy Geansaí” Christmas fundraiser event to launch the market on the 14th of December from 6-9pm with music and drinks reception and prizes for the most gammy geansai’s. €5 at the door, free to all artists participating.