A collaborative project between Western Carolina University School of Art and Design and the chosen Artists of 126 Members. 126 Gallery has been working side by side with the university to provide residency opportunities and international exhibitions for our members. This exhibition is the result of our exchange with the artists of Western Carolina to exhibit in Ireland, and our selected members will, in turn, have their work exhibited in America.  Join us for the opening night Friday 26th of Jan to see a wide array of art disciplines and enjoy the light refreshments provided.

WCU Artists:
Chelsea Dobert-Kehn
Jon Jicha
Lauren A. Medford
Javier Fox
Raymond Baccari
Sara Method
David Skinner
James K Kirkpatrick
Donald Sawyer
Matt Hellgeth
Morgan Kennedy
Zachary Rogers
Greg McPherson
Brendan Best
Kylie Price
Susan Alta Martin
Tom Ashcraft
Matt Liddle
Richard Tichich Martha Neaves

126 Artists:
Aran Crotty
Noelle Gallagher
Paul Kearney
Breda Lynch
Evgenia Martirosyan
Ricí Ní Chleirigh
Seán O’Riordan
Shane O’Malley
Sarah Lundy