January – Sebastian Mügge – #deadboycatfilmsexyselfiesuccessquotesgalway


For his exhibition at 126, Swedish/German artist Sebastian Mügge will produce a large scale drawing directly onto the walls of 126. He plans to fill the gallery with this composite piece with images obtained through social media research and sent in by 126 audiences.

sebastian mugge at 126
















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March – Burren College of Art – Geological Cake


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Geological Cake, constructs ersatz topographies, monuments, edifices and pseudo-geographies. In a fragmentary era where things, both tangible and technological, are fluid and in flux, the work attempts to document, reproduce and reference the Artist’s direct environs.
Utilizing discarded, quarried and invisible technological geographies the four artists visually explore historical, geological, psychological and gadgetry debris to construct ley lines in which to navigate a terrain saturated with stuff. Absorbed in the landscape are layers of anthropic intervention within this ancient gateaux.


Featured Artist Bios


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1iing Heaney

1iing is a new media artist from Bray, Co. Wicklow. She received her BA with First Class Honours from Fine Art Media, NCAD in 2015 and has since been making work influenced by cybernetics, alternative geography and
feedback loops. Her work engages with a range of media from electronics, game engines, computer programming, installation and 3D animation.

She has recently completed a month long residency in the Burren College of Art as part of their Emerging Irish Artist Residency Award as well as a 6-month residency in MART, Dublin 6 as part of their Cultural Dialogues
programme. Prior to this she was working with a robotics team in the Department of Mechanical and Machine Engineering in Trinity College Dublin as a concept artist for their next generation of social robot.

Alex Holzinger

Alexander Holzinger (b.1993) is an artist currently living and working and creating in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Holzinger received his BA in Sculpture and Combined Media from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2016, graduating with first class honors.

Holzinger aims to create work using found discarded objects. His works are particularly interested in the formal qualities for sculpture, the idea of the remnant and the object as a shamanistic plot device. His objects are playful, obscure and yet keenly aware of the art canon. He employs an interest in the trajectory of sculpture as a lingual form traversing time, space and matter.

Holzinger has recently completed the Emerging Irish Artists Residency award in the Burren College of Art. He has created outdoor works for the Hunt Museum during Limerick City’s annual ‘Riverfest’ (2016). In 2014 he was commissioned by Limerick City of Culture to create temporary public works, creating large scale installations for the travelling performance group Fuerza Bruta in the Culture factory.

Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose research into wasteland and abandoned spaces alludes to demolition and the interim. Her observations of the man-made landscape, topographic movement, stagnation and metamorphosing debris become representations; characters in contemporary fables who narrate a legacy of disposability, regeneration and the Anthropocene.

Kelly has exhibited widely across Ireland, Finland, the U.K and China. She has been the recipient of numerous awards including The Art Council of Ireland Individual Artists Bursary, the Culture Ireland Award, and the European Pépinières pour Jeunes Artistes Residency Award.

Kelly works as a freelance educator, her works can be seen in the public collections of The Lewis Glucksman Gallery Permanent Collection, Ireland and at the Jyväskylä Museum of Art, Finland,

Dervla Mulcahy

Dervla Mulcahy (b.1992) is an artist who currently lives and works in Cork, Ireland. Mulcahy
attended Limerick School of Art and Design (2012-2016) where she completed a fine art degree,
specialising in printmaking. Mulcahy previously was a member of the Culture Team at Ormston
House, a Cultural Resource Centre located in Limerick City, as well as having previously assisted
Limerick Printmakers on several projects, where she is currently also a member.

Mulcahy was the recipient of the Irish Emerging Artist Residency Award 2016 from the Burren
College of Art, the Sample Studios/Tactic Curatorial Studio Residency Award 2016/2017, the
Cork Printmakers Graduate Bursary Award 2016 and was selected for ‘Plinth II’; an exhibition
showcasing six graduates of Limerick School of Art and Design 2016 at the Sailors Home,


April – 10th Annual Members’ Show – ‘brainchild’


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This year ‘innovation’ is the basis of selection for our 10th annual member’s show. Some of the most respected artists in history were innovators and through developing new techniques and new styles, they were able to enhance art by making the expression easier, clearer, or more recognizable. The starting point, the ‘brainchild’, is the product of one’s creative effort and this year we selected work that is new, experimental, fresh, and innovative with the intention of pushing boundaries within the art world.

Selected 126 artists:

Aran Crotty
Noelle Gallagher
Paul Kearney
Breda Lynch
Evgenia Martirosyan
Ricí Ní Chleirigh

Seán O’Riordan
Shane O’Malley
Sarah Lundy

From the members selected for Brainchild we will then choose one artist to spend a month-long residency in WCU to develop their ideas further.


May – Laura Kelly – Fleeting


Laura Kelly’s process-based practice is focused on making an expanded form of drawing. Her constructed drawing installations move between the wall and floor and are constituted from a variety of ephemeral materials – including paper, wood, thread, graphite and tape – and incorporate both 2- and 3d elements.


For this exhibition, she has created two new works. Extending beyond the confines of a single frame, Edgelands is a large site-specific mountain landscape drawing which incorporates a framework of screens, lines and boundaries in combination with drawn vignettes. A variety of tensions emerge as the representational/abstract and the real/illusory jostle for attention. Using the pictorial landscape tradition and the familiar tools of drawing and image-making as a departure point, the work pushes to the very edge of the genre. Line acts as horizon in parts and boundary in others or sometimes as both simultaneously. Folding of the material reflects folding processes in the landscape and the use of a bright fluorescent orange suggests the artificial and a human presence in a wilderness landscape. Often used to draw attention to imminent danger, here it’s also used to suggest danger – that of the ever-growing loss of natural habitats in the wilderness through incursions by humans.


22 Views of Borrowed Scenery is a short hand-drawn animation using graphite and watercolour. In it a landscape is viewed through binocular frames, giving detail but no sense of context. Using a continuous though interrupted motion of vertical, horizontal and diagonal scrolling, the landscape reveals itself in a fragmented way. The viewer’s gaze is never allowed to settle. Vertical perspective and the Japanese aesthetic tradition influence the work.


Both works allude to an ambiguous and dislocated sense of place. Both also attempt to containing the landscape which spills out beyond any attempt to frame them.

Informing her work is a broad range of reference points ranging from the pictorial landscape tradition, the nature of perception, mark-making and the creation of illusion to Japanese spatial aesthetics. This current work is the continuation of a series begun during a Winter Residency in The Banff Centre, Canada in 2016.


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From left to right: Ronan Connor, Rita McMahon, Bláithín Hughes, Connor Robertson, Laura Kelly, Stephan Roche and Danny Carter


June – Erin Hagan, Michael Hanna and Dave Loder – ‘in real time’


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Engage Art Studios and 126 Artist Run Gallery are please to present In Real Time, an exhibition of work by Erin Hagan, Michael Hanna and Dave Loder, curated by Nuala Ní Fhlathúin at 126 Artist Run Gallery, Galway.

This exhibition dwells deeply in time; work that draws on playful binaries and real time judgements, and a slow echoing consideration of language, materiality and meaning in the present moment. Some of these works originated as art projects in public spaces, in far off locations, and are re-presented as documents and traces. Others are constructed in the 126 gallery space and embody an intuitive sculptural response to here and now.

In Real Time is part of a collaborative exchange project between Engage Art Studios, Galway and Platform Arts, Belfast in which Engage member Nuala Ní Fhlathúin curates Erin Hagan, Michael Hanna and Dave Loder who are all members of Platform Arts. It a continues the long standing partnership between Engage and 126 Artist-Run Gallery. The second leg of this project will be an exhibition of Engage members in Belfast in October 2017.



July – Austin D H Ivers – ‘the promise of the past is compromised and becomes nostalgia in the present’


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Official opening Monday 3rd July at 7pm in 126, Artist-run Gallery , 15 St. Brigid’s Place, Hidden Valley, Woodquay.

As an extension of the ongoing Exquisite Corpse video project we are producing this year 126 is proud to present:

Austin D. H . Ivers
‘the promise of the past is compromised and becomes nostalgia in the present”
video object, 2017

In this intermediary work, Austin has been thinking about process and memory, how the past is simultaneously present and absent and about the tools used to objectify a thought. Here, an assembled memory is processed, represented (via sound and video) and lost, repeatedly.

Austin has solo exhibitions in Galway, Cork and Tralee and exhorted reasonably extensively in group exhibitions in Ireland, UK, USA, Ukraine,