21 August - 13 September
Preview 6-9pm, 12 - 6pm Wednesday to Sunday
15 St. Bridget's Place, Hidden Valley, Galway City, H91 NN29


We are very excited to announce our next exhibition, Recharge, opening this Friday and featuring Anna Macleod and Meadhbh O’Connor! The show will run from 21 August to 13 September, with our usual opening hours of 12-6 Wednesday-Sunday.

O’Connor and McLeod will develop a duo exhibition which looks at the planet and where we stand now on the precipice of ecological disaster with County Galway, on Ireland’s Atlantic West Coast, where we are uniquely impacted by our changing climates. The exhibition will explore this and ideas of conservation and ecology through the artists’ respective practices.

McLeod’s current practice mediates complex ideas associated with contemporary, historical and cultural readings of land use through a variety of visual art media and sculptural processes. Her current project ‘Water Conversations’ is an evolving series of works, projects and exhibitions on water and climate change developed through a critical engagement with archival material, fieldwork and community collaboration to explore the complex interstices between landscape, science and technology, culture and economics. The collaborative aspect of the work has led to working partnerships with artists, scientists, cultural geographers, activists, engineers, local historians and a broad range of community partners. The ambition for this ongoing body of work is to tease out the commonalities of our human relationship with water and to explore community resilience at a time of rapid social change and environmental uncertainty.

O’Connor’s projects oscillate between carefully designed projects to others that explore materials with changing, living or other less controllable qualities. These can range from large-scale sculptural installations to ephemeral, biological or temporal works. She is very active and interested in exploring parallels between the creative arts and natural sciences whilst acknowledging the autonomy of and specialities unique to each discipline. She has worked alongside scientists for a number of years now, individuals with whom she shares mutual interests in the natural world and in environmental topics.

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