“Making Visible”

“Making Visible”

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a performance by Ceara Conway with Juliana Erkkonen and Moises Mas Garcia.


Friday 7th of March, 5.30pm at the NUIG Quadrangle Courtyard (Aula Maxima if the weather is bad)


"Making Visible" Title Image

Drawing upon the old Irish tradition of ”Caoineadh” a vocal lament associated with mourning, artist Ceara Conway has created a series of ritual performances that have been informed by her time engaging with ”Able Women’a group of women who are currently seeking asylum in Ireland

In the series of performances each woman has chosen a lament from their own country and a location in Galway City, that they wish to have it performed. The location and lament they have chosen is pertinent to a personal aspect of their experiences living within the direct provision service in Galway.

For this second performance an ‘Able Women’ member from Gaza who wishes to remain anon has chosen an arabic lament to be sung

These performances aspire to create a connection between both audience and performer, communicating emotive, personal and political aspects of these women’s experiences through voice and song.

This event is free and everyone is welcome to attend!

For further info: www.cearaconway.com – 087 6934038

This commission is supported by the Irish Arts Council managed by CREATE. It is also supported by 126 Artist-run Gallery, Galway.