Toward A New Paradigm

Toward A New Paradigm

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Curated by Malcolm McClay & Chicory Miles

Participating Artists: Lala Rascic, Dan Tague, Generic Art Solutions, Malcolm McClay, Christopher Saucedo, Chicory Miles, Center for Tactical Magic, Jeff Becker

14 – 29 June 2014
126 Gallery, Flood St, Galway



Toward a New Paradigm 

” In Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, he explains that during ‘normal’ periods, scientists did indeed research and test their theories, but instead of reaching out towards new truth, they were in fact simply seeking confirmation of the scientific paradigm of the day. Teachers and texts all worked to support the prevailing orthodoxy and tended to ignore anything that challenged it; they could advance no further than the current paradigm, which thus acquired a conviction and rigidity that was not unlike theological dogma. But then – as had occurred during the 1920s – the ‘normal’ period was succeeded by a dramatic paradigm shift. The accumulating uncertainties and puzzling results of experiments became irresistible and scientists contended with each other to find a new paradigm. This was not a rational process; it consisted of imaginative and unpredictable flights into the unknown, all influenced by metaphors, imagery and assumptions drawn from other fields. Khun seemed to suggest that aesthetic, social, historical and psychological factors were also involved, so that the idea of ‘pure science’ was a chimera.     —The Case for God by Karen Armstrong 

If we look at the ‘normal’ period that existed in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina, there was only one arts district that was recognized as legitimate, consequently curators and critics “all worked to support the prevailing orthodoxy and tended to ignore anything that challenged it.”  Then as the city emerged from the chaos of Katrina, a profound paradigm shift occurred.  Good Children Gallery opened on St. Claude Avenue, followed by the Front and Antenna close by; from this foundation grew other galleries and alternative spaces. This new paradigm challenged the ‘orthodoxy’ of Julia Street; no longer did artists have to conform to the commercial gallery formula.  There was now a new model that was more innovative, imaginative and contemporary.

We develop a narrative that we use in our lives to help us make sense of our particular trajectory.  When that narrative is suddenly disrupted or rendered inadequate due to an unprecedented event, we have to retool and reshape a new narrative to make sense and function in the new reality. In New Orleans, Katrina was such an event.  A new paradigm requires the creation of a new narrative both personally as well as collectively, thus demanding a new language to be developed to communicate in ways that were not needed before.

“Toward a New Paradigm” brings together eight artists who have experienced a significant paradigm shift.  They have been asked to address this idea of a shifting paradigm and how that might play out through their work in a larger cultural context. This shifting paradigm could be within the work itself or through the subject matter the work investigates.”

Curated by Malcolm McClay and Chicory Miles
Participating Artists
Lala Rascic
Dan Tague
Generic Art Solutions
Malcolm McClay
Christopher Saucedo
Chicory Miles
Center for Tactical Magic
Jeff Becker