Cian McLysaght | VIBE

Cian McLysaght | VIBE


14-28th March
PREVIEW 13th March 7pm



There are 500 million tweets sent daily*. But what happens when these digital ephemera become sensorial manifestations in the physical world?

In this installation Cian McLysaght creates an auditory link between our digital personae and the ‘real’ world. His custom-constructed Vibe machine mines Twitter’s Application Programming Interface (API) re-configuring the emotional state of its community of anonymous users, amalgamating them in sound. At once ambient sound sculpture and distinct physical entity, there is a sense of duality at the heart of the Vibe project; gathering individual emotional expressions to create unique soundscapes reflective of a ‘collective’ emotional state of the Twitter community at any one given time.

In a spirit of playfulness, the ‘Vibe’ can be both played by Twitter followers and seeks out interaction with them, mimicking human characteristics by posting Tweets to its own account. This continuous interaction and adaptation serves as an analogue for our online ‘selves’; the very nature of which at once enable and necessitate reinvention.

To interact with this piece tweet: @vibe126

Open Mon-Sat 12-6

14-28 March 2015