FORUM | How to……| In 5 easy steps

FORUM | How to……| In 5 easy steps

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We recently opened a new venue where you can meet other artists completely free of charge to discuss anything you like. From technical questions to critical issues and theoretical questions- and it’s right here online.

Our forum is a great way to stay connected, and beat the studio isolation blues.
Here’s how to use it:
1       Step 1:Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click login.





Step 2: Enter the username and password you chose when you became a member (if you can’t remember just click to renew your password)










Step 3: A Forum bar will appear at the top of the screen










Step 4:  Use the drop down menu to access the topic of your choice.












Step 5: From here, you can reply to an existing topic, or start your own conversation with other artists within the 126 network. You can post images too and find further guidelines & policies around posting content. Enjoy!