A Fond Farewell to Marcel

A Fond Farewell to Marcel

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Given the constitutional structure of 126, members of the Board of Directors serve
a maximum of 2 years.That being said, the time and energy it takes to voluntarily run a multi-functioning entity like 126, while very, very rewarding is tough stuff!

Our head technician and co-chairperson Marcel Badia finished his 2 year stint at 126 at the end of November. In that time he’s done everything from painting, building and installing to graphic design, mixing drinks, chairing meetings and curating as well planning a great programme for next year.

We’ll be having some farewell drinks for him after the opening of our internship exhibition: ‘All Our Future Conversations’ this evening (Thursday 10th December 6-8pm) . We’ll really miss working with him, but we can’t wait to see what a renewed focus on his own artistic practice will bring.

Toodle-pip Marcel, and thanks a million!