TULCA 2016 ‘The Headless City’@ 126

TULCA 2016 ‘The Headless City’@ 126

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The Headless City126 is excited to once again act as an exhibition venue for TULCA festival of Visual Art. This year’s edition of the festival ‘The Headless City’ is curated by Daniel Jewsbury.

Our space is being transformed by Dave Madigan and Meadhbh O’Connor’s site-specific sculptural installation, Gridlock. Also showing at 126: photographic works by Berlin-based photographers Anna Homburg and Diane Vincent, drawings by Julie Merriman and paintings by Jane Rainey.

For the duration of the festival 126 will be open 12-6 Monday-Wednesday and 12-7 Thursday-Sunday.


(Before the main opening at the TULCA festival gallery, 6pm)