Each year 126 takes on a team of interns for a six month period. During this time the interns take on roles in the gallery and learn new skills such as fundraising, curating, installing an exhibiting and what it takes to run a gallery. At the end of the six months they then have the opportunity to curate an exhibition in 126 Artist-Run Gallery.

B D G R L (Bad Girl) is a new exhibition curated by 126 Gallery Interns, Chloe Austin, Sarah Keenan and Saffron Lily.

This inaugural exhibition features individual works from artists Emily Lohan, Eden Mitsenmacher, Katie O’Grady and Samir Rana.

These works were created in response to our open call that focused on navigating a discussion on society’s expectation of women, how younger generations of women are pressured to portray themselves as overly sexualised as a way to claim cultural power and the origins of the phrase ‘Bad Girl’.

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