Unset in Stone Symposium 2019

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Friday 6th & Saturday 7th of December 2019


Unset in Stone was the culture programme devised by previous board member and Chair of 126, Stephan Roche. Stephan sadly passed away in 2018 but his programme continued on, culminating in the Unset in Stone publication and this symposium. The theme was conceived in light of contemporary activities surrounding the destruction, removal or vilification of National Monuments overseas, particularly in the United States. These events are very much ingrained in a collective unconscious, shocking society and provoking much heated debate.


Their removal, destruction or relocation was often accompanied by a violent response on both sides. 126 became interested in the evolution of meaning and how changes in our perception and reflections on monumental works of public art or indeed all works of art which respond to a particular time, can shift. 126 became interested in the evolution of meaning over time and the changing nature of objects. 126 invited proposals which confront the idea that an art object can be considered a monument of sorts, in response to: a symbol of the time in which it was made: a representation of society or societal concerns, Materialism also comes into play here, as the longevity of an object in both meaning and physicality, can disintegrate change or produce new meaning. Artists approach this concept through multiple layers and meaning. The programme is a way for 126 to discuss how artists create, develop and change meaning within their work and whether we can foster works which challenge audiences on important issues. 


The programme includes, Recalling Familiar Entities by Ali Kirby & Conor O’Sullivan in partnership with Basic Space, Dublin, The Materialists by Daire O’Shea and Sophie Gough, Plane | Potty by Peter Bradley and Laura Angell, Time After Time by Cliodhna Timoney & Paddy Joe Rickard, Idolum by Meadhbh McNutt, Hiatus 126 Members Exhibition, Anticipated Fictions: Monumental Configurations by Dorothy Hunter, Reviving Planes by Robert Dunne and Stephanie McGowan, To The House Fire Dead by Denis Buckley and “In-Situ” exhibition by our three artists in-residence 2019, Sian Costello, Kevin Gaynor and Brigid Mulligan.


 Friday 6th of December

 5 pm : Registration

5:30 pm: Introduction to Symposium

5:45 pm: Michaele Cutaya, commissioned writing piece

6:45 pm: Break, Tea & Coffee

7:00 pm: Peter Bradley, Plane | Potty exhibition and Artist talk.

8:00 pm: 126 Social


Saturday 7th of December

9:30 am: Registration

10:30 am: 126 welcome

10:45 am: Stephanie McGowan, Reviving Planes Exhibition, Artist talk

11:45 am: Break, Tea & Coffee

12:00 pm: Denis Buckley, From the House Fire Dead Exhibition, Commissioned writing piece.

1:00 pm: Beau Williams, Commission poetic response to Insitu Exhibition

1:30 pm: Lunch (catered)

2:30 pm: El Putnam, commissioned writing presentation.

3:30 pm: Daire O’Shea, The Materialists Exhibtion, Artist talk

4:30 pm: Closing remarks

5 pm – 7 pm: 126 Social