Geological Cake

By 1iing Heaney, Alex Holzinger, Fiona Kelly, Dervla Mulcahy

Geological Cake- a joint exhibition between the Burren College of Art and Gallery 126 featuring work by recipients of the Emerging Irish Artist Residency Award in September of 2016. Geological Cake, constructs ersatz topographies, monuments, edifices and pseudo-geographies. In a fragmentary era where things, both tangible and technological, are fluid and in flux, the work attempts to document, reproduce and reference the Artist’s direct environs.

Utilizing discarded, quarried and invisible technological geographies the four artists visually explore historical, geological, psychological and gadgetry debris to construct ley lines in which to navigate a terrain saturated with stuff. Absorbed in the landscape are layers of anthropic intervention within this ancient gateaux.

Alex Holzinger

The Emerging Irish Artist Residency Award is an annual award offered by the Burren College of Art in conjunction with artist-led gallery G126. Each year four emerging Irish artists are selected from an open submission and given the opportunity for a focused period of producing work during a one-month residency at BCA. This group of artists then work collaboratively with G126 to produce a large-scale show that takes place in both galleries at a later date. EIARA started in 2014 during the Burren College of Art’s 20-year celebrations and was conceived as a way of discovering and supporting emerging talent in Ireland’s contemporary art scene.


1iing Healy

1iing Heaney

1iing is a new media artist from Bray, Co. Wicklow. She received her BA with First Class Honours from Fine Art Media, NCAD in 2015 and has since been making work influenced by cybernetics, alternative geography and
feedback loops. Her work engages with a range of media from electronics, game engines, computer programming, installation and 3D animation.

She has recently completed a month long residency in the Burren College of Art as part of their Emerging Irish Artist Residency Award as well as a 6-month residency in MART, Dublin 6 as part of their Cultural Dialogues
programme. Prior to this she was working with a robotics team in the Department of Mechanical and Machine Engineering in Trinity College Dublin as a concept artist for their next generation of social robot.

Alex Holzinger

Alexander Holzinger (b.1993) is an artist currently living and working and creating in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Holzinger received his BA in Sculpture and Combined Media from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2016, graduating with first class honours.

Holzinger aims to create work using found discarded objects. His works are particularly interested in the formal qualities for sculpture, the idea of the remnant and the object as a shamanistic plot device. His objects are playful, obscure and yet keenly aware of the art canon. He employs an interest in the trajectory of sculpture as a lingual form traversing time, space and matter.

Holzinger has completed the Emerging Irish Artists Residency award in the Burren College of Art. He has created outdoor works for the Hunt Museum during Limerick City’s annual ‘Riverfest’ (2016). In 2014 he was commissioned by Limerick City of Culture to create temporary public works, creating large-scale installations for the travelling performance group Fuerza Bruta in the Culture factory.

Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose research into wasteland and abandoned spaces alludes to demolition and the interim. Her observations of the man-made landscape, topographic movement, stagnation and metamorphosing debris become representations; characters in contemporary fables who narrate a legacy of disposability, regeneration and the Anthropocene.

Kelly has exhibited widely across Ireland, Finland, the U.K and China. She has been the recipient of numerous awards including The Art Council of Ireland Individual Artists Bursary, the Culture Ireland Award, and the European Pépinières pour Jeunes Artistes Residency Award. Kelly works as a freelance educator, her works can be seen in the public collections of The Lewis Glucksman Gallery Permanent Collection, Ireland and at the Jyväskylä Museum of Art, Finland,

Dervla Mulcahy

Dervla Mulcahy (b.1992) is an artist who currently lives and works in Cork, Ireland. Mulcahy attended Limerick School of Art and Design (2012-2016) where she completed a fine art degree, specialising in printmaking. Mulcahy previously was a member of the Culture Team at Ormston House, a Cultural Resource Centre located in Limerick City, as well as having previously assisted Limerick Printmakers on several projects, where she is currently also a member.

Mulcahy was the recipient of the Irish Emerging Artist Residency Award 2016 from the Burren College of Art, the Sample Studios/Tactic Curatorial Studio Residency Award 2016/2017, the Cork Printmakers Graduate Bursary Award 2016 and was selected for ‘Plinth II’; an exhibition showcasing six graduates of Limerick School of Art and Design 2016 at the Sailors Home,