The 126 Artist-Run Gallery welcomes you to Hiatus, our 12th Annual Members Exhibition.

Preview 6pm, Friday May 17th. The exhibition ran from May 18th to June 2nd. Free admission.

Hiatus brings together works that speak to a feeling of suspense characteristic of the current political climate.

With the prolonging of Brexit talks into late October, questions linger in regards to diplomatic, cultural and economic relationships between the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. The Brexit campaign played on a sense of political urgency and polarisation in part initiated by the refugee crisis. Within this larger political context, there is an urgent need for new ways of belonging that remain meaningful across cultures.

Each generation builds, transfigures, and exchanges traditions and values. In this year’s members exhibition, a group of selected artists imagine new ways of reconciling these values within a climate of social metamorphosis.

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