In response to the FOOTFALL research 126 has prepared a curatorial brief for a series of collaborations with Artist-Led organisations from Ireland and the UK.

We have invited these organisations to react to the FOOTFALL research and findings though their own practice. Across 2015, five artist-led organisations will be invited to collaborate with 126 in order to produce a range of exhibitions. The first of these will be produced by Catalyst Arts (Belfast), the second by Basic Space(Dublin), the third by Tranmission (Glasgow), the fourth by Block T (Dublin) and the fifth and final exhibition by Ormston House (Limerick).

Each organisation’s response to the brief will form one curatorial arc will contribute to a process that can be critically viewed as a whole. In each edition of our Quarterly Magazine this year, Joanne Laws(FOOTFALL researcher) will make continual analysis of ‘Primary Resource’ to review the organisation’s responses, their progression throughout the project and contextualise how they relate to the FOOTFALL research.

Participating Organisations:

PR#1 Catalyst Arts (Belfast)

Catalyst has operated as an Artist-Led organisation since 1993 that emerged out of a need for a nimble Visual Arts space in the city. Due to their ambitious programming and wide remit, further to being and exhibition space; Catalyst arts has also been: a 24 hour cinema, a recording studio, a publishing house, a skip, a radio station, a jumble sale, a wrestling ring, a sauna, a distillery, an agnostic chapel, a banquet hall, a darts team, a leisure centre, a night club and a shop. Like 126 it is run voluntarily by a Board of Directors that works for a maximum of two years to keep the organisation fresh and its remit  varied.

PR#2 Basic Space (Dublin)

Basic Space is currently a gallery and studio in Marrowbone Lane, Dublin. Prior to this Basic Space has operated since 2010 through a range of temporary projects  and spaces. Their team of artists practice in a communal workspace, and work together to curate short-term exhibitions by invited artists or those selected on the strength of their submission.

PR#3 Transmission (Glasgow)

Transmission has existed as an Artist-Led organisation since 1983. Now supported as a key element in the cultural fabric of Glasgow city, the gallery was established by graduates of the Glasgow School of art at a time when the city needed a contemporary arts space. Catalyst Arts (PR#1) and 126 have mirrored their organisational structure on the one implemented at Transmission.

PR#4 Mart (Dublin)

MART is an artist-led organisation founded by Matthew Nevin and Ciara Scanlan, and supported by core members through an ethos of cooperation. Since 2007 MART has sought to create opportunities, by conceiving creative platforms to support artists from all stages of their careers to test new ground. In 2013 MART began a project to renovate the firestation in Rathmines, Dublin which now supports over 90 studio members, and includes a Gallery and International residency


PR#5 Ormston House (Limerick)

Ormston House is an artist-led organisation based in Limerick. Like 126, our friend at Ormston House give their time for free to sustain the space and produce a range of fresh new programming in a welcoming exhibition space in the heart of the city that is open for all and free to visit.