Primary Resource #4 –

MART (Dublin)|States of Being

psychoswimography 2


Preview 13th August

Runs 14th-29th August

Colleen Keough | Vanessa Daws | Francis Fay | Eleanor Lawler | Katherine Nolan

This exhibition presents disparate approaches to performance, that coalesce around ideas of physical or emotional immersion, and speak of potential transformation – whether through connecting with ones own body, the social body or the body transcended. This exhibition also provides the viewer with an immersive experience and an opportunity to spend time in the emotive landscapes of the artwork and the states of being or not being in the world that they call attention to.  The exhibition draws on MART’s pool of artists and the nexus of like-minded people that curators Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin have gathered in the course of the groups history. This exhibition reaffirms MART’s affiliation with both new media and performance practices. Originally set-up to exhibit video, new media and installation art, undercurrents of the social in the developing form and curatorial practices of the group naturally lead to an inclusion of performance.


Lists of Artists and Works:


Colleen Keough

iAm (2014)

Video / Animation


Francis Fay

The Pilgrim (2013)

Live Performance at MART’s Non Zero Sum Art Games at Plataforma

Revolver, Lisbon

(Video Rui Mourão)


Vanessa Daws

Psychoswimography : Santa Barbara (2014)

Video: exploring place through the act of swimming.


Katherine Nolan and Eleanor Lawler

We are Bodied (2013-2015)

Live Performance (126 Gallery 13th of Aug 2015)




MART recently curated /Glitch New Media Festival which considered the contemporary subject’s existence, interaction and communication across physical and virtual spaces. States of Being extends this exploration of the human position in contemporary experiences, through the subject’s negotiation of physical and psychological spaces, and territories new and old.