1iing Heaney (Liing Heaney)

A new body of work that explores contact between civilization and a dynamic planet. Beginning as a study of digital spaces, the work evolved into considering the physical components of technology, particularly seeing it as an extension of the geological world. Digital space is created from a combination of geological matter gathered and changed to produce an ephemeral place. Materials quarried from, and cables grounded in the Earth’s surface transmit a fabricated world, invisible & present. Using CGI of primordial objects the colour, texture, form & spatial positions are re-mixed between these worlds.

1iing’s current body of work (developed specifically for 126) explores the influence and internal dynamics that nature lends to digital technology. She looks at interactions between cosmological, geological and environmental processes; focusing on the ways they are harnessed to disseminate information.

1iing queries authenticity relating to the physical world through a digital lens. The overarching desire to contain nature, to map it out and predict a rhythm is the central inquiry of her research. Cyberspace is born from a combination of geological matter gathered and remixed to produce an ephemeral space. Cables grounded in Earth’s surface transmit a fabricated world; solid objects (data centres, satellites, undersea cables etc) are harbouring a space that’s the same in all directions. This space vacuums information from a physical form, skinning it and reproducing a ghost. Why is it so easy to get lost in this formlessness? Is there a ‘Myth of the Wilderness’ in the digital age?