15 January - 06 February
Preview 6-9pm, 12 - 6pm Wednesday to Sunday
15 St. Bridget's Place, Hidden Valley, Galway City, H91 NN29


1) The action of describing or portraying something precisely.
2) The action of indicating the exact position of a border or boundary.

To delineate means to draw a line in the sand. That line could say ‘here is the limit of this boundary and here is the limit of that’ or ‘see this line? I dare you to step over it’ or ‘here, let me draw a diagram for you’ or ‘this is where the buried treasure is’ or ‘look, do you see what happens to the ground we stand on when a mark is made here?’.

The voices in this show speak for themselves, on their own terms.

Contributing artists: Antishta Chooramun, Beulah Ezeugo, Emily Waszak.

Curated by Yurika Higashikawa.

126 Gallery

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