Gallery 126


The membership of our organisation lies at the core of 126’s activity. We provide a place where artists and those passionate about contemporary art can become part of an international network of like-minded individuals. 126 produces an annual programme of exciting contemporary visual art exhibitions, events, residencies, research and publications.

Why Join the 126 Membership?

Artists and those passionate about visual art living within and outside of Galway are encouraged to become members and to participate in the running of the gallery. Members are the first to find out about our up-coming exhibitions, are invited to each preview and are offered discounts on all merchandise and publications produced by the gallery. Member artists and curators are encouraged to apply for solo or group exhibitions at 126 and to submit to our annual members show. We work hard to create the best opportunities for our members; aside from exhibitions, we offer a number of residencies which are advertised by open call throughout the year. Members are welcome to become involved in the gallery at a number of levels: as volunteers, interns or members of the board of directors. Each member is invited to attend the AGM and is welcome to vote on key issues.

The Board of 126 is comprised of volunteers who are motivated by a passion for the arts and an intense interest in the cultural development of Galway and Ireland. 126 was founded on a democratic structure, in which power flows from the membership to the Board. The Board promotes the ideology of the membership, as laid out in the organisation’s aims, through the activities of 126. The Board directly represents the membership, which is an expression of the most committed artists in the greater Galway area; it is on the basis of this relationship that the projected success and longevity of 126 is based.

Members’ Show

The annual Members’ Show is a vital part of 126. It is open to all members and is a great opportunity for emerging artists. We also encourage members to make exhibition proposals throughout the year. In addition to this 126 members will have access to discounted rates on a number of events throughout the year including, workshops, seminars and screenings. 126 members are also encouraged to give details below of any existing website they may have so that a link may be created from to members respective websites.

Types of Membership

The financial contribution of our membership is invaluable. It helps support our strong programme of unconventional and international art exhibitions. You can also support us further by becoming a ‘Friend of 126’ for €50 or ‘Patron of 126’ for €250.

Concessions (i.e: Students / Unwaged)
Friend of 126
Patron of 126

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 who supports our aims.


Membership Levels


Member (Unwaged)

€10 per Year.


Member (Waged)

€20 per Year.


Friend of 126

€50 per Year.


Patron of 126

€250 per Year.