by Sebastian Mügge

Is a composite charcoal drawing comprised of selfies/videos and images submitted via email to the artist and 126, combined with images researched from various social media channels.

Sebastian Mügge |is a German-Swedish interdisciplinary artist based in Umeå, SE. He received his MFA from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. He works at the intersection of painting, drawing, found objects, sculpture and installation, to find something which might connect these means of expression so they can become just one body of work. In his experimental approach, the sensual aspect is crucial in engaging the viewer emotionally.

His work consists of recycling/sampling of ephemeral materials and carefully selected objects which are integrated into his art projects. He likes to play with historical and everyday references, mixtures of cultural backgrounds and art historical quotations. Through his practice, he explores the performative aspect of studio production, where a dialogue between the systematic and the open-ended is created.

On The Line |Is a year-long project dedicated to interrogating contemporary drawing practices through exhibitions, artists’ talks, workshops and an exciting new online collaborative piece created through a series of commissions during 2017.

This exhibition is kindly supported by the Arts Council Project Award